With a sound that is oh so European and retro and synthetic, many people are surprised to learn that Gary Flanagan actually resides in the small Canadian city of Saint John, New Brunswick.  “I was born and raised here”, says Flanagan.  “Proud to be Canadian, even though many people don’t think I sound like one”.

Gary is, in fact, used to being a misfit.  Growing up in the 1980’s, he discovered music at a tender age, right at that moment when North America was in the grip of a second British invasion.  The airwaves were loaded with strange new sounds from England.  Bands with weird clothes and weird sounds could be heard at any given moment on the radio.  Flanagan soaked it all up, thoroughly loving every minute of classic 80’s New Wave.  “I came along at just the right time”, he says.

Initially, Flanagan had aspirations to become a filmmaker, and his dreams began to be realized when he was accepted in the Film Studies program at Ryerson Polytechnic in Toronto in 1993.  This was short lived, however.  Flanagan had to drop out and return back home before completing his first year. He also spent a great deal of time in the theatrical world, appearing in numerous local productions, fine tuning a stage presence that would later become a widely recognized trademark.

As he got older, Flanagan began to experiment with music himself in his primitive home studio.  He started to compose and record songs at the age of 20.  “At first it was just silly noise….nothing at all musical”.  A few years later a demo tape of his songs made its way to David Richards at the Ninthwave label.  Richards offered to release Gary’s first album “Anthems For The Young at Heart” in 1999.  Ninthwave also released his second album “Another Coin in the Daydream Machine” in 2000.

Other releases included “Dressed in Black” (Eleven Wave, 2000), Future Fashion (2002, Cohaagen), Rhapsody in Black (2006, Flying Saucer), “Damariscotta” (2008, Flying Saucer) and “Europe” (2008, Flying Saucer).  Gary has made over 30 compilation appearances, and his songs have been released by labels all over the world.

Gary began performing live in 2001.  His debut was at the Electrobash event in Fredericton, NB.  Since then, he has played live all over eastern Canada.  He has since retired from live shows, stating that performing just does not interest or excite him as much anymore.

He currently resides in the north end of Saint John with his wife, and works as a teacher.  He is currently working on a series of musical projects.


  1. Janelle Flanagan
    11 March 12, 2:18pm

    My husband –yes; 10 years and going strong! My musical idol–love at first sight and sound. My best friend–always. You are a one-of-a-kind talent and inspiration. I love you with all my heart babe; it bubbles over with pride each and every day! xo

  2. Caitlin Lapena
    15 December 18, 7:53pm

    My boyfriend and I just came across your music and really enjoy it!

    • 19 December 18, 12:41am

      Thank you Caitlin! I am glad you have found my music! Thanks for your kind words!!

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