The Christmas Album: “Lights and Frost”

lights and frost NEW front

The idea had always been at the back of my mind to do a Christmas album.  Of course, the old saying is that everybody and their dog eventually puts out a Christmas album.  I was painfully aware of that.  So, I decided very early on that if I was going to do this, it would have to be very special.  I wanted to do a Christmas album that was nothing if not unique.  It had to be very separate from the pack, and very unusual.  It also had to have my sound stamped all over it.

So, the result was a collection of standards and originals that I wrote myself.  I was careful to choose my all-time favorite Christmas songs.  Songs that always struck a chord with me.  After selecting the songs, I wanted to give them my own unique and distinct spin.  The resulting album is very quirky, delightfully offbeat and slightly goth tinged.  You’ve never heard a Christmas album quite like this!

Here is the track listing:

1.  Last Christmas  (my cover of the Wham! classic)

2.  Christmas Time is Here  (an original song I wrote)

3.  Gabriel’s Message  (my cover of the dark standard- I am especially happy with my vocals on this, and it is easily one of the most atmospheric songs I’ve ever recorded)

4.  Silent Night  (the old staple gets the Flanagan analogue synth treatment)

5.  Still Still Still (an ancient Austrian carol.  My first exposure to this was the Mannheim Steamroller version.  I always loved it)

6.  Do They Know It’s Christmas?  (my rendition of the Band Aid classic)

7.  Good King Wenceslas  (my funky, slightly techno version of the vintage standard)

8.  Here’s To Christmas  (an original tune.  This was heavily inspired by 80s New Wave.  Very dancey and fun.  I can hear a Men Without Hats influence)

9.  Arise, Lights of December (a pleasant little instrumental that I composed.  Very grandiose and orchestral)

10.  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas  (my little goodbye.  Probably the only song I have ever recorded acapella)


This album is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who likes their Christmas tunes very bizarre and very synthesized!  🙂

To order a copy, simply contact me at and I will set you up.  I am selling CDs of this album, as well as digital copies.

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