A Clientele of One

My latest offering is entitled “A Clientele of One” (2012).  My best work yet.  A fun, shimmering and catchy blend of earnest pop songs that speak from the heart.  I took all those great classic rock and pop songs that I heard on the radio while I was growing up and boiled them down to this 11 song concoction of bubblegum bliss.  I love music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and this is my love letter to those decades.

If you like songs with seriously catchy choruses, if you love long cruises on starry summer nights, if you love being stuck in yesteryear and thoughts of long ago make you grin from ear to ear, this one is for you.  “Clientele” is a super fun nod to retro heaven, full of guitars, organs, synths and beats you gotta move to.

I am so proud of this, easily the most satisfying and strongest musical effort I’ve ever done.  I guarantee you will have fun.

You can listen to this album and download the entire thing (or individual songs) here:


Posted by Gary Flanagan

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