I put this out in 2008, and released it on the same day I released my other album “Europe”.  That disc was very dark and weird.  “Damariscotta”, on the other hand, is very upbeat, happy and catchy.  I was extremely influenced by Vince Clarke (the title of this album is the name of the town he lives in in Maine).  I especially wanted to do my own variation on Depeche Mode’s “Speak and Spell”, one of my all-time favorite albums.  That disc, maybe more than any other, has had a tremendous impact on me musically.

I lavished a lot of studio time on this one, and I thought people would react more favorably to this than “Europe”.  However, the polar opposite happened.  “Damariscotta” gained some positive feedback, but for some reason “Europe” struck much more of a resonant chord.  I think there’s a lesson to be learned there.  Expectations can be a very tricky thing.

You can order this disc directly from me.  Paypal $10 US to muzikman84@hotmail.com

Posted by Gary Flanagan

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