Future Fashion

“Future Fashion” is the album that brought me to another level.  For a brief time, one of my label mates on the Ninthwave label was the band Ganymede, who did polished, top-notch synthpop.  They heard what I was doing, liked it, and offered to produce an album featuring updated versions of my songs from my previous recordings (as well as some new tracks).  Soon they started their own label called Cohaagen, and this was one of the first releases.  The vocals on this CD were recorded in my tiny bedroom studio in the suburbs of Saint John.  The music was recorded in California.  Through the miracles of technology, the two elements were married.  I still have not met the guys of Ganymede in person.

David and Patrick did a great job giving my songs a shiny gleam.  Included were two awesome remixes, one by Fr/Action and the other by simulator.  The reviews on this disc were very positive.

Posted by Gary Flanagan


  1. petr
    29 August 16, 1:05pm

    Hello!Wanted to buy your CD FUTURE FASHION how to do it?

    • 30 August 16, 5:17am

      Hello! Thank you for your comment! I will send you an email very soon telling you how to get a copy of my album. Thank you for your support!!!!

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