April 9, 2016-  Hello!  It has been way too long since I updated this page!  Over a year, to be exact.  There are lots of exciting things coming up on the horizon, so I thought it would be a good idea to bring you all up to date!

As I mentioned before, the best way to keep updated on my musical world is through my Facebook page.  I try to update that page at least once a month.  Things have been rather quiet on the musical front over the last year or so, however there are new projects in the works, so definitely stay tuned!

I will soon start work on a brand new synthpop album!  The working title is “The Cats I Have Known”.  It will be a fun, breezy and catchy collection of shiny pop tunes.  I envision it will sound a lot like “Speak and Spell” era Depeche Mode, Men Without Hats and “Dare” era Human League.  With a touch of Sparks influenced humor.  😉  I am aiming to release this later this year, probably October or November if all goes well.

I have been collaborating with a young, brave band from the west coast of the United States called Three is Like a Murder Scene.  I added some vocals/lyrics to a song that will be appearing on their new album.

Also still working with my good buddy Bobby Clark, the synthpop guru of Tennessee!  We hope to release a version of our song “Everybody” with lyrics in Swedish!  Fun!

I am also working on a video for my song “Good”, which appeared on my 2014 album “Dead Rhythm Bureau”.

I would also like to record some covers in the near future.  This is something I always LOVE to do.  There are a bunch of songs I would love to tackle.  Offhand, some of the songs I want to interpret include “All of My Heart” by ABC (an instrumental, orchestral cover), “Leave Me Alone” by Michael Jackson, and “Overkill” by Men at Work.

That’s all for now!  Hope you are all very healthy and happy and finding the time to enjoy life!

Take care,



January 11, 2015-   Happy new year!  I hope you all have a very awesome and synthetic 2015.

Things are going well.  Response to my latest album “Dead Rhythm Bureau” has been fantastic.  Seems lots of folks really appreciate the plastic, stiff beats!

Lots of great stuff coming up on the horizon.  I recently finished a remix of the Erasure song “Sacred” for a competition being held by Blend.  I was honored to remix a track by my idols!

I am also hoping sometime this year to get started on my long awaited space disco album.  If it sounds anything like I imagine, it will be fantastic!

I also recently did this excellent track with synthpop guru Bobby Clark in Tennessee.  Bobby did the music and I came up with the lyrics and performed the vocals.  It is a fun combination of Devo, Sparks and Men Without Hats!   It is called “Everybody”:

That’s about all for now.  Be sure to stay tuned to my Facebook page!:

Have a great 2015!!!




July 1, 2014-  Hello!  Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and family!  I hope you all have a great one.

My apologies for taking so long to update this page.   My silence has been partly due to being preoccupied with other things, and partly due to the fact that I haven’t been doing much musically.  That’s all about to change!

I am currently hard at work on a new album.  Actually, I plan to release a trilogy of dance albums.  The first one will be released sometime over the next couple of months.  It will be a techno album entitled “Dead Rhythm Bureau”.  The music is very cold, stiff and very electronic.  🙂  It has that classic 90s Euro techno sound.  No vocals (well, there are some vocal samples, but no lyrics per se).  Stay tuned to this page and my Facebook page to be kept up to date on the release date!

The other two albums comprising the dance trilogy will be a space disco album (highly influenced by Giorgio Moroder) and a freestyle/hiphop album (highly influenced by Shannon, Information Society, New Order, etc).

I also just posted my classic 2006 album “Rhapsody in Black” on my Bandcamp page.  You can now download the whole album for just $3!  Here is the link:

Also, please join my Facebook page:

Have a great summer!!!!






September 17, 2013-  The winners of the Gary Flanagan Remix Competition have been announced!  Many thanks to everyone who submitted a remix.  I was blown away by the overall quality of all the remixes submitted.  It was an honor for me to hear each of your interpretations of my work.  Thanks!

Here are the winners, in no particular order:

Zeljko Krnjajic (Croatia)
The Trick (Canada)
Airworld (France)
RoB Patey (Canada)

You can hear all of these remixes on my Soundcloud page:

Lots of exciting things coming up, including a new musical project and a live performance.  Keep checking back here or my Facebook page for more details.



August 6, 2013-    Hello!  I hope you are all having a great summer.  I sure am!

I realized that I have not updated this page in ages.  So I thought I would bring you all up to speed.

The Gary Flanagan Remix Competition is going great.  Just a few weeks left until the deadline!  So far I have received many wild and wonderful remixes in a variety of styles.  If you are thinking about entering, please do!  I would love to hear what you come up with.

I have been jamming and writing songs with a friend here in Saint John.  We get along very well, and musically we definitely click.  We hope to eventually release an album.  Things are still in the very early stages, but so far our output sounds fantastic.  Our stuff tends to sound quite dark and cinematic.  Certainly much darker than typical Gary Flanagan material.  🙂  Stay tuned for more details.

I recently did a remix of the song “I Love It” by Icona Pop.  This is certainly “the” song of the summer of 2013.  Check out my remix:

I’ve also been having tons of fun working on various covers of some of my all-time favorite songs.  I will post those on YouTube as well when they are done.

AND, to top things off, I will soon begin work on my long awaited “space disco” album.  I have been planning to do this for years.  This will be very dancy and feature wall to wall analogue synthesizers.  Expect a very electronic, science fiction, space-age sound.  A mix of Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream.

I think that’s all for now!  Please be sure to join my Facebook page if you haven’t already:

Thanks again for all your support!

All the best,





October 23, 2012- Hello!  I hope you are all doing well!

I am great, in fact I am ecstatic.  The reason for this is simple.  Today I released my most recent album “A Clientele of One”.  This is my ninth studio album and I can honestly say it’s my best work yet.  I am so happy and proud with the final result.  I hope you will take the time to listen to this album.  You can hear the tracks on my brand new Bandcamp page.  You can also download the whole album here, or individual tracks if you choose:

The songs are really varied.  I intended it to be that way.  I wasn’t worried about any unifying theme, nor was I overly concerned with continuity.  The rule was, if the song excites me, it’s going to be on there.  This album was inspired by my love for retro gold….all those classic songs that I grew up with on the radio.  The golden age of AM radio from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

I would love to hear your comments about the new songs.  Again, you can get the album from my Bandcamp page.  Or if you prefer getting a good old fashioned CD (handmade CD-R, to be precise), just e-mail me and I will set you up!

In other news, the long awaited Christmas album will also see the light of day later this year!  Stay tuned!

I am very happy these days.  I’m loving life, smiling a lot, catching up with old friends and really digging the music once again.

Hope you are all doing great!






August 1, 2012-  Hello everyone!  I am very sorry for my silence over the past few months.  I promise I won’t be so quiet over the next little while.  🙂  Life has been very busy, but fortunately I have some time off over the summer, and I am using it to work on my new album.

The new album is coming along very nicely.  So far I am very happy.  At this point I think it will feature 10-11 songs.  As I mentioned before, it definitely has a very “classic rock” sound.  There is an organ on almost every track.  Unfortunately I do not own an authentic Vox Continental organ, but my Roland sound module is a very suitable stand-in!  There is also a lot of guitar, and I plan to use some mixing techniques that were popular back in the 60s to give the tracks that authentic “groovy” sound. Many of the songs are very brief, to the point, melodic and full of energy.  I’m doing lots of new things that I’ve never tried before.  For instance, I have been pushing myself to try “new” chords (in the past I only ever used primary triads, but I have finally started using 7th and suspended chords).  The new album also has very little sequencing.  I wanted to play as much of it live as possible.  But, having said that, do not fear if you are a fan of my earlier more “synthy” material.  There will still be lots of electronics on this effort!

Right now, the tentative title for this album is “A Clientele of One”, but that is very subject to change.  If all goes well, I am hoping to have it out by late October.  I am also working very hard to try and get out my long overdue Christmas album.  I all ready completed some recording on this late last year, so I do have a head start.

Other things in the works:

-some videos for some of my songs

-an FAQ section on this website (please feel free to send me any queries)  🙂

-a bandcamp page

-a remix contest (stay tuned!)

I hope you are all well and having a wonderful summer.  Enjoy!



March 4, 2012- Hello! Welcome to the new Gary Flanagan website! Please have a look around the site. Many thanks to my friend Rory for setting this up.

Musically things have been very quiet for me over the past year, but that will soon change. I have numerous musical projects currently on the go, and I’m hoping to release my long awaited new album later this year. Many people have asked what it will sound like. The best way I can describe it is very “classic rock”. There will be lots of synth, but also lots of piano and organ. I want each and every song on the album to be special. No filler allowed! This effort will probably take me a while to complete, but I guarantee it will be worth the wait!

Hope you enjoy the new website! Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments:


Keep an eye on this page for all the latest news from the Gary Flanagan universe!

Any news regarding upcoming releases, events and collaborations will be posted here.


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