Reclusive Mute

This was my punk side project, which I released in 2007.  There were no synths at all on this CD.  Just one electric guitar (heavily distorted) and I used a cardboard box for a kick drum (and a dollar store toy drum for a snare).

I am very proud of this project, even though it went nowhere.  It seemed that nobody knew how to react to this.  People wouldn’t review it, and many folks were just confused and bewildered that Synth Man/80s freak Gary Flanagan would do something like this.  Whatever.  I still think there are some great songs on here.

I was thrilled and honored that 2 of my Reclusive Mute songs appeared on a split 7 inch with the cool band ECT from Halifax.

Copies of this CD can be ordered directly from me.  Paypal $10 US to

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